NUUD after 18 months

Meanwhile, I am an avid user of this natural deodorant. I cannot say that it was without doubt, but I would not want to use anything else. 

The first half year I had a real love-hate relationship with NUUD. They warn you of an addiction period for all the chemicals in other deodorants. Like everyone else, I thought it would not be that bad. I often missed a fresh smell and was often afraid that I did not smell good. To overcome this period, I decided to get a block of natural, fragrant deo. The combination of these two products got me through this period. 

Since I switched to this deo, I also went to Vietnam for 3 months. In this very hot, humid environment I also only used NUUD. Here I never had the feeling that I would benefit more from classic deo. 

How much does it cost now 

NUUD itself says that you can get by for about 6 to 7 weeks with a tube of deo. This amounts to about 40 euros per half year. However, I have found that I last at least four to five months (depending on the season) with one tube! This means that in all this time, I have only used 4 complete tubes and have only spent 50 euros on this deo after one and a half years. I also bought a block of deo at LUSH for just under 10 euros. However, I only use it in the summer, so after more than a year I still haven’t used half of it. 

In terms of purchase price, these deodorants seem to be a big chunk of your budget, but after a trial period of more than a year, I have come to the conclusion that it is not much more expensive than buying deodorants elsewhere. Plus… a healthy body is priceless.  

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