My first step

first step eerste stap

A few years ago, in mid-February, I decided to stop smoking. This was my first step to a healthier life. It was at the same time that I wanted to start living more consciously. I wanted to be healthier not only for my own body but also for nature. I also wanted to start taking fair trade into account. As a student, you don’t always have a very large budget available for these changes. I decided to do it all step by step. By quitting smoking, I had extra money left over at the end of the month. Now I could spend it on clothes that were fairly made. This was my first venture.  

Fair trade 

I became more aware of the unfair trade in the world through my sister who pointed me to an article in a magazine. In it, someone said that they would not let their children wear clothes made by children of the same age. My sister told me this while we were shopping in a low budget chain shop. I told her ‘OK, let’s stop buying these clothes’. We put everything back and went to a second-hand clothes shop. Here, to make up for the day, I bought one of the most beautiful skirts I have ever owned. It cost more than the ones I had in the chain shop, but I am much happier with it. Besides, I don’t feel guilty at all.  

I can highly recommend this kind of shop to anyone who is shopping to feel better. These clothes are often of better quality and yet at a reasonable price. I felt good in another way when I bought these clothes. I spent money on clothes and felt like I was doing something good for the environment and people. Win-win. 

Starting a blog 

Since the beginning of 2018, I have been very busy figuring out what products I can buy without feeling like I can’t do anything anymore. Like many people, I like to dress nicely and take care of myself and I certainly didn’t want to give this up. In the middle of 2018, I started writing some posts about my new lifestyle. However, I soon realised that I did not have enough experience to inform others about this and give useful tips.  

Meanwhile, after two years, I feel that my base is already more extensive. I can’t wait to share it with everyone and make the world a little more beautiful for all of us. 

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