How to wash up in a plastic-free kitchen

In the kitchen, like all the other rooms in my house, I wanted to try and keep plastic out. Apart from food packaging, most people’s kitchens are full of plastic. I wanted to find out how to wash up in a plastic-free kitchen. First, I looked for an alternative sponge. The typical disposable sponge that can be found everywhere is always wrapped in plastic. To be able to wash the dishes without plastic, I first looked for a replacement. I found a hemp sponge wrapped in recycled cardboard. This sponge is made from wood-based cellulose and comes in a hemp bag. The handy thing about this sponge is that it can go into the dishwasher when you think it needs a wash. Not everyone has a dishwasher, but I found out that the sponge has no problems with a washing machine either!  

Another nice thing about this sponge is that it is designed so that you generally need less soap. Win-win! 

Disadvantage of the sponge: you can’t use it at all for scrubbing the dishes. For many dishes, this does not apply, but occasionally I just want to be able to scrub out my dirt easily. It didn’t take me long to find a replacement for this. The dishwashing brush has been around for years! Now you can luckily find one everywhere made from a handle of durable wood and a brush of natural fibres. It works perfectly. 

detergent for washing up in a plastic-free kitchen 

Washing up without plastic is not possible if you continue to use the regular dishwashing products that come in a plastic bottle. In a packaging-free shop in my city, Ghent, they sell blocks of washing-up liquid. 100% plastic-free. You rub this soap on your dishwashing sponge, it makes foam and you’re ready to start washing your dishes! 

Both the sponge, the scrubbing brush and the washing-up liquid have convinced me completely. they helped me in my journey on how to wash up in a plastic-free kitchen. I have a dishwasher (with durable dishwasher cubes, but that’s another story) and fortunately don’t have to wash the dishes very often, but when I do, I want it to be easy. Important advantage: after a few months it is not more expensive than disposable sponges and cheap detergent from a plastic bottle. Definitely worth considering!